Friday, October 9, 2009

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SSG - Pakistan Army Part 2

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This is a video response to SSG - Pakistan Army part 1
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Titanic1954utube (2 days ago) Show Hide
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shameless cowards!!

they can only kill innocent civilians like they did in 1971 and terrorist activities. When they see a real army just surrender with 100000 soldiers. shameless hijra!

beg for american dollars to buy weapons. shameless beggers.
videomust (3 days ago) Show Hide
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USA govt War on terror has nothing 2 do with Al Qeada&Talibans but 2 control muslims oil/gas reserves,PAK army stop killing and being killed 4 USA war for oil/gas
videomust (3 days ago) Show Hide
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USA govt CIA MUSH PAK isi Mossad all responsible for 9/11,Drone technology used in Planes,Isi mahmood&Abbas visited towers,Mahmood come back 3 day later14/09/2001,9/11 created so USA attack 2control muslim oil/gas reserves
redfordrn (1 week ago) Show Hide
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I love Pakistan and I am an American.
USA and Paksitan have been Allies since the 1950s. US will help Pakistan out of its current problems. While US does want good relations with India, but we do not have a track record and long standing ties with India like we have with Pakistan and Indian ties are mostly based on only one interest, how to make profit from India, other than that, there is not much that India has done for US to be considered an Ally like Pakistan.
zalmaykhan1 (1 week ago) Show HidePakistani S.W.A.T (Tactical Training)Song: Army of Imam Mahdi - Eng Sub
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pushtunistan zindabaad!
samprasant (2 weeks ago) Show Hide
Marked as spamSpecial Operations School, SSGRe: UK Special Forces training Pakistani Army SF
look UN put sanctions against pakis not against Indians , UN banned paki organisation not Indian organisation ...
kakgeta (2 weeks ago) Show Hide

Lal Masjid complete detailExclusive footages OF PAKISTAN ARMY OPERATION IN SAWAT
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What sanctions, presently there are no sanctions against Pakistan and as for banning Jamat-ud-Dawa.
That was done cuz india was crying over it after 26/11, do you even know that Jamat-ud-Dawa is a charity ? If any organization should be banned it should be shiv sena and bajrang dal.
They are extremist organizations.
samprasant (2 weeks ago) Show Hide
Marked as spam
look interpole has red carpet noctice agaist Jamats chief , the UN banned jamat and all the countires including your all weather frnd supported india ... and what will i tell about your country the less the better ...
kakgeta (2 weeks ago) Show Hide
Like I said that all was done due to India's whining, there was no proof whatsoever.
Even now no action has been taken against him by interpol or UN because of unavailability of proof from india.
And i dont have to learn about my country frm you so dont bother.

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